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  • H&S and Deltec

    I know two of them are very good skimmer.
    If you choose one of them, which skimmer do you get?
    the power consumption is the same.

    Here is the spec
    For Aquariums up to:
    • Heavy Stocking 1000 Ltrs (222 gals)
    • Normal Stocking 1500 Ltrs (333 gals)

    Water Throughput:
    • 1000 L/hr (222 gal/h) (16mm/20mm flexible connection)

    Air Intake:
    • 600 L/hr

    Power Consumption:
    • 40 watts

    • L: 390 mm W: 310 mm H: 800 mm
    340 mm x 170 mm
    Aqua Bee 2001/38W (220v-60hz)
    Max. Size Of The Tank:
    850 Litres
    Min. Water Level In The Tank:
    100 mm
    40 mm
    Skimmer Body:
    150 mm
    510 mm

    I did not see both of them, so I can decide which is the better choice...

    thanks in advance~

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    In comparing those two skimmers, the Deltec will skim better for the fact that the Deltec is a larger unit with a stronger pump. For a fair comparison, you would need to compare the H&S A200-1260 to the Deltec AP850. The H&S you put stats on seems to be for the A150-F2001. You would not go wrong with either unit. I am unaware of the costs of these two skimmers in your country, but personally I would go with the one which has the lower retail price.
    Both will perform very similar if you match the sizes.


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      Thanks brian...
      In my country, it is not easy to get deltec.
      but a few weeks ago, H&S skimmer was imported in my country.
      This is are right. the reason that I compare 850 to A150 is
      the same power comsumption. because the electricity cost in korea is more
      expensive than US, so PC is a important factor when I choose skimmer...



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        the deltec AP 850 is using the same Eheim as the H&S A200-1260,
        btw, the Deltec Eheim was tested and its using 58W, something like that, i dont know why they put 40W there,


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          Like Heinz said the H&S Eheim will draw the same as the Deltec Eheim will. The difference in the US version is that because of our electric set-up the H&S and Deltec's actually pull more air than the German counterparts. The Eheim on the H&S A200 on the US Spec actually pulls ~ 900lph when adjusted properly.
          Like I said before you would not go wrong with both. I am us US Dist for H&S and I'm trying not to be biased here.
          I would consider which unit you can get support for after the sale, not that you will have any problems with either unit, but it does make a difference when I shop for products.


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            if u r looking for less power consumstion.. I wont say BK is the option in the market.
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            BK 300 in action


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              i use H&S for 3/4 years now and i am very satisfied. It is equipied with two pumps Eheim 1060. The point is the noise.But you can "customised" the water reject by adding pipes in order to reduce the noise level. Another trick, the pumps are , normally, fixed on the main cylinder of the skimmer.Time passing by, it could fragilized that one.It is easy to add some pipes in order the pumps laid on the bottom of the sump.


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                I have used both brands and performance wise they both do fantastic. Brian is a great guy to deal with and the H&S A300 I have currently working I purchased from him. Between the two brands I slightly favor H&S............that though is just a personal oppinion.


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                  The Eheim on the H&S A200 on the US Spec actually pulls ~ 900lph when adjusted properly
                  Which eheim is that?


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                    Originally posted by OUinLA
                    Which eheim is that?
                    Eheim 1260

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                      I could not decide H&S and Deltec yet.
                      I am thinking H&S A200 and Deltec 850(or 851)
                      but the height is Deltec is longer thank H&S A200,
                      so I think D850 can not put under the tank...
                      I have no space to install D850 beside the tank.. ㅠㅠ

                      Could you tell me the H&S URL in US?

                      Both are so great...correct?



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                        My US site needs to be updated, email me and I can get you specs and pics if you want.


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                          Both are great skimmers, and both distributors offer top notch support. You can't really go wrong either way.


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                            deltec has a better name
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                              Hi Vince, both Deltec & H&S poineered the pinwheel technology & both a very good skimmers. Alexander had a H&S skimmer before his new B-K & you've seen his results Bob
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