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    i was planning to get an external skimmer, but as of now(still planning), i dont have enough space except inside the sump, so i need some suggestions for an insump skimmer that will handle over 240 gallons total water volume.

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    Depending on the amount of space you have in your sump consider, H&S 200-1260 which is rated for up to 300g, H&S 200-2xF2001 (325g), or Euro Reef CS8-4 (250g) The Euro Reef being a bit cheaper of the three.

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      all the external skimmers will work internally too


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        yea, i was originally gonna get the ap702, and put it insump, but it has a largr footprint. plus, the eheim feed pump will raise the electricity by almost 50% depending on the pump. for me, the reason for getting a needlewheel is the low electricity usage.


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 having headaches. i need help choosing a skimmer (again,actually, if you have been following my posts on RC)...i have room for either an AP702 or a BK300 internal. right now, im leaning toward the deltec because it has been around for awhile and seems to be a proven skimmer. however, i keep looking back at the bk's cause of their awesome air injection numbers and the low electricity consumption...but i am afraid that it might too hard to adjust...


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            go with the bk then sell it to me when you go external
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