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Automatic filter – recommendation for some model/brand

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  • Automatic filter – recommendation for some model/brand

    Dear All,

    I am about 4 months on Zeovit system, and so far, so good.

    But I started with a second-hand tank and a homemade Zeovit filter.

    It works, but I have started to think about the possibility of buying an automatic version.

    I have seen that Zeovit present their own version, but I can not find where to buy it (EU - Czech republic)

    I have also seen that some other producers of aqua technics do some automatic zeolite filters.

    Any experiences and recommendations?

    Many thanks


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    My experience with automatic filters is really limited so I hope someone else can give you some good information. Basically it is important to “move” the rocks enough in the cleaning process which seems not to be the case with all the available automatic reactors.

    There is only one dealer in CZ who is offering the korallenzucht products:

    Maybe he can get the reactor for you, alternatively korallenzucht does also ship directly.



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      I also regret that I have no experience with automated zeolite reactors and can't tell you much. I use a regular Zeo reactor and I always manually pull/rotate the lever to clean the material every day like this. I wish you the best of luck in finding the right one for your system.


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        Many thanks,

        Next week is one of the biggest exhibitions of pet products in Nurnberg, so I will try to find something there…J

        If I succeed – I will post it here.

        Best regards



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          I believe that all kinds of products are dazzling, which is really exciting, always novel and fresh, this journey must have a lot of fun and harvest, I wish all the best.