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Starting Zeovit on 280 gallon...need guidance

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  • Starting Zeovit on 280 gallon...need guidance

    Hello, I am starting the Zeovit system on my 300 gallon system that's been up and running for 18 months. It's heavily stocked with corals and fish. I have high nitrates and phosphates because I feed my system well and I've struggled getting those down, but overall my fish have done great and I'm getting okay coral growth and color (but it could be way better). I purchased the Avast Marine 4L Zeovit reactor and a Sicce Syncra SDC pump that will connect to Apex so I can automate the on/off reactor cycle twice a day for 1 minute at a time. Looking at the zeovit guide, I'm concerned the Sicce pump might be too powerful as this 260-800 gallons/hr. Appreciate any guidance!

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    Welcome to, fill in the questions in the link so we can understand more clearly