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    I have a deltec reactor za509. it is a reactor in which you can not shake the zeovit. delteca media that are about 1-2mm in size are used for the reactor. the reactor is connected to a timer that periodically creates water pressure that moves the zeovit. the new aquarium I will start in about 7 weeks, I would like to start them on the full zeo method. I have a question if the method without shaking the zeovit is equally as good as the shaking method? and if anyone has used the zeovit media deltec or is it as good as the original KZ media.
    has anyone used the reactor delteca and if so how often does the timer shake the zeovit?

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    I do not have experience with the reactor but the grain size of the material is bigger than 1 – 2 mm. Shaking / cleaning the material 1 – 2 x daily does really improve the nutrient processing so I would recommend to do. If you like to shake / clean the material with a additional pump the pump must be strong enough to tumble the stones, not sure if that works with the reactor you plan to use.



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      Deltec is a very good company and it has produced a reactor that doesn’t have to be shook. I will send you a copy of the Deltec operation instructions

      ”The Zeolite in conventional Zeolite reactors needs to be manually agitated several times a day. The agitation in the Deltec reactor happens automatically through the DC pump, via a timer (the timer is not included). The frequency of the agitation can be selected and evenly spaced through a 24 hours period.
      The reactor operates on the fluidization principle, using much finer grain Zeolite. This provides a much larger effective surface area resulting in more efficient adsorption.
      There is no channeling effect as is normal with conventional Zeolite reactors, self-cleaning, no buildup of sediments inside the reactor.
      Due to the high surface area of the media (media size 1-2mm) the new Deltec ZA Zeolite reactors should handle larger systems than specified due to the high surface area using the small grain fluidised Zeolite media up to x2 the suggested system size! (dependant on nutrient load)