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Zar127 zeovit reactor

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  • Zar127 zeovit reactor

    I picked up a Skimz zar127 zeolite reactor to make my next system as automated as possible. I’m having an issue choosing the right flow. I plan on buying a rimless tank ranging from 44 gallons to 68 gallons. The flow through the zar127 is preset to only a few different flow rates. The lowest flow is for .3L with the next flow being for .6L. I’m assuming that would be 30 gph for a 30 gallon tank or 60gph for a 60 gallon system. I’m leaning towards the 44 gallons system that will roughly equate to about 50 gallons with sump, rock,sand,corals, etc. Which flow should I use? The 30gph or 60 gph? I will be using this from start up. I’m also not sure I can put a valve the reactor without compromising the automation this reactor provides.