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  • ZEOvit reactors

    Anyone out there build there own reactors? I would like to do so and when I was at MACNA and purchased the ZEOvit, they did have some photos of some that people have made.
    I have most of the materials I think I need to do so, but the handle I need to pump the media several times a day is where I am getting stuck.
    I also want to do a gravity feed on it, so I don't have to add another pump to my setup (tank upstairs, sump and all other stuff in basement.)
    I would condsider purchasing one, but I have only seen ones that need an external pump, and I am sure I can build one, just that handle thing...

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    System: 430ltr SPS ZEOvit system, Balling Method (Growtech), BubbleKing200, Profilux with LAN and Salinity
    Lighting: Dimmbar 54w T5: D&D and KZ mixture.
    Flow: Tunze 6060, Iwaki MX70 CL + penductors

    "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning"


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      You guys are the best!!! I know I can get some ideas to finish this now. Thanks soo much for the information. I love this site!!! Iffer