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  • Diy zeo reactor

    Hi all,

    Im currently converting my tank to the zeovit methode.
    I've started yesterday.
    I was looking for a good rector but all the reactors I could find were to big for the compartiment in the sump I have left after the Skimmer (15,4x 49cm).
    The tank is 280 liter netto and I use 420ml zeovit media at the moment.

    So I had some things laying around and decided to just diy something together and save some money
    It's and old bubble magnus reactor with and eheim 600 compact pump and a sicce 2.0 pump.
    I use the sicce 2.0 pump to auto clean the media 3x a day for 1 minute.
    It is a little over 2000lph or 550gph pump witch pumps water under the perforated plate we're the media is on.
    The eheim pump stays on too during the flush and has a flow rate of about 150lph or 40gph.

    Wat I ame wondering now is.. How can I see that this flush cleans the media good enough?
    The small media tumbles and the medium ones wobble a bit..
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    Welcome to !

    Do all kind of the material move if you run the pump or just the small ones ? All kind of grain sizes should be tumbled around when the pump to clean the material is running temporary.



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      No it is not.. the largest rocks only move a little when the pump kicks on.
      I have a 4000 lph pump too.. Maby that one is strong enough..
      And I can also fill up the bit of space between the perforated plate and the reactor wall so more water is pushed through the holes of the plate.
      But that will defenately blow out the small stones out of the reactor..
      Can I use a coarse sponge to keep them in the reactor?
      Or will that give negative results as the sponge probably get dirty?


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        Just turned the reactor in a manual one..
        Just zip tied a pvc pipe to the perforated plate and one at the top of the pipe as a handle.
        It works but it is pretty heavy..
        I have to hold down the reactor chamber and pump with my other hand.
        It is making a vacuum becous I put a silicon tube around the moving plate so the small rocks don't jam it.

        I'm gonna have to think up a better way to atleast make it easeir to pump it while it also not jams.
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          Some times the solution is so simple...
          I just lifted the flush pump out of the water and now it sugs air through the flush line..
          Makes it alot easier to pump.


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            Glad to hear it worked, to keep the smaller stones in the reactor while the cleaning pump is running you might add another perforated plate on the top additional (above the water outlet). You can easy keep it in place by using two nylons screws with a screw thread in the PVC bar. To prevent them to get flowed out of the reactor some kind of a grid at the water outlet might be helpful, not sure if that is necessary.



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              Thanks for the help.
              I will make an extra perforated plate so the media stays in the reactor