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Marine Concept Rotomat rotating Rxtr

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  • Marine Concept Rotomat rotating Rxtr

    Wouldnt this reactor be great for ZEOvit?? Finally a true life picture of it. I converted Euro into American dollars and it came out to $1430.


    More info:
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    isn't that like the aquaconnect ca reactor???
    10x3x2 FOWLR (for now)
    RD12 return, 2 RD12 closed loop, wavebox with extension
    MRC kalkmixer


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      You know.. I just realized that Aqua Connect also has their name on this. hmmmm.. Here's an example:


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        Marine Concept is producing the reactor. They sell it direct under their name, another sales branch is AquaConnect.

        As much as I have hear, the problem with the reactor is the mud which will accumulate while the rector is rotating which will be imported in the tank.

        The reactor is made for a low water flow like all CaCO2 reactors which makes it not useful for the zeo in its present construction.



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          Alexander, maybe the reason why it turns into mud is because of the very fine Calcium media those people have used. What if the media was larger? I can understand if the media was fine, adn then it was exposed to air hardening into mud, but I dont see this as a problem for coarser media. ?? As for the ZEOvit, its a possibility that the holes can be made larger on both the inlets and outs. If that was the case, then PVC plumbing may need to be used. Just some thoughts.


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            Edward, I think the diameter of the coral gravel does not play a roll. The reactor is rotating all the time and you will have mechanical abrasion autonomous of the used material. I have seen the reactor at a friend of mine some years ago, maybe in the meantime this problem is fixed ?

            Bachirs friend is using this reactor, maybe he can tell us something about it.

            Sure, it would be possible to use larger holes and thicker pipes, but I think it would not be easy to push the water trough the reactor while it is not filled 100 % with zeolite. Most of the water will pass the reactor above the zeolite. For a zeolite reactor the diameter of the reactor camber is too wide to provide a constant water flow trough all the zeolite material which is necessary.



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              2000 - gallon saltwater