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anyone tried the zeovit reactor from

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    I've got a Tunze Silence 1073.008 hooked up to mine and also have a control valve. It's running at 180LPH through 650g of Zeovit. I may need to turn the flow up soon however. My only criticism of this reactor is that when i agitate the zeovit the reactor fills up to the top and starts spilling out from the dosing hatch which suggests that the outflow needs to be a larger diameter? Other than that i think it represents very good VFM


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      I'm using the reactor at the moment.

      It's working great and the only issue is that it doesn't fit more than 1 liter.


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        Im thinking about getting this reactor for ZEO conversion! How do you guys like it???


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          Originally posted by exactly View Post
          Im thinking about getting this reactor for ZEO conversion! How do you guys like it???


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            Im receiving it tomorrow, i cant wait!!


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              Just got mine!!

              As you can see, its floating!

              Magnet at the bottom (theres a water drop i missed)

              Water inlet

              Good welding, upper magnet

              Upper outer lid gasket (it was hard to put it on, kinda had to tweak it)

              Useful/convenient additive inlet on the upper lid

              My very first impression is:
              -Way higher quality than i expected, not just its only $100 shipped, but personally id consider paying a lot more

              I was very anxious about the seal/weld/glue over the magnets, but as you can see in the pics, its SOLID!

              Like others mentioned tho, that theres no way the inner canister would hold 1.5l of zeolites. Since i dont have zeolite yet (on the way), Ill keep you guys updated!


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                Thanks for the reviews!!! I'm a new user and haven't yet purchased a reactor. Being a full-time college student, the cheaper the better!


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                  I am using this reactor since 5 month now and have no problem. Good product for a small price...


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                    This looks like it could easily be plumbed to hand on the back of an IM tank? Thoughts?

                    Just put a pump in the sump area, and then run plumbing out and over to the input nipple.


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                      those experienced with this reactor...any possible way to plumb it to hand over the back?



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                        Where did you get the check valve please? Any photos of how you set it up?


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                          I have purchased a wp25 from fish street that shoots 4" sparks from the control box, and a brand new dct 8000 pump that leaks massive stray voltage into the water. They did not replace either equipment. For the new pump they wanted 80$ to replace a brand new defective unit. I personally no longer support fish street and would caution doing business with them.


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                            Zeolites | Carbon | Phosphate Remover

                            I just completed an unboxing of Fish-Street's Zeolite small reactor. The Zeolites have been acclimating in the sump since October 22nd so I'm looking forward to documenting the experience.



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                              Sorry to bump this thread, but anyone still using the fish street reactor ? With zeolites for automatic reactors (only big pieces), can I safely put 1 liters or would be too much for washing properly ?