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Review: Madison's (OUinLA) Zeovit Reactor

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  • Review: Madison's (OUinLA) Zeovit Reactor

    My custom zeovit reactor came in today and so I wanted to share my first impressions of the reactor and my experience thus far with Madison.

    First, lets talk about the reactor.
    I have a limited amount of room height wise for the reactor. Madison's standard reactor, though extremely reasonably priced, is to tall. I asked Madison to build me a reactor that would be wider but shorter than the standard size. This is a pic of what he came up with:

    The reactor is roughly 14 inches tall. It comes with an outer cylinder and an inner cylinder. Some pvc pip is attached to the inner cylinder (for use in pumping the zeolith media everyday). I believe both cyclinders are constructed using extruded acrylic. It's seems like roughly the same material that is used on my phosban reactor. I would have been willing to pay a few extra dollars for cast acrylic but ultimately, it probably would not have been worth it.

    Overall, the reactor seems to be a pretty straight forward contraption. Generally speaking, I think it was built reasonably well. The only "nit" I would like to pick is around a minor workmanship issue. See the pic below:

    I believe the crack occured when Madison drilled a hole for the input pvc pipe. I don't anticipate any functional issues as the reactor will sit inside my sump. The only issue here (an incredibly minor one at that) is an aesthetic issue.

    Dealing with Madison

    Madison told me up front that this is a busy time for him so getting a custom project done was going to take longer than his normal "2-3day" turnaround time. My expectation was that I would have the reactor roughly two weeks from the time I placed the order. Instead, it took about 3 weeks. (My math may be off but the reactor got to me about a week later than I expected.)

    Again, a minor nit to pick here but getting updates on what was going on with the reactor wasn't as easy as I had hoped. It wasn't difficult but it wasn't as easy as it could have been. I understand that this is not Madison's primary occupation and that there are other life priorities that make it a little difficult to be super responsive to demanding customers.

    In the end, the reactor go to me as promised. And from the looks of things, it will more than meet my expectations as far as performance.

    Product rating: 8 of 10
    Vendor rating: 7.5 of 10

    Would I buy it from Madison again? Absolutely. I don't know anyone else who would know how to design and build a good zeovit reactor at a competitive price.

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    I have purchased a custom reactor, and a photograph "tube" for top down pictures. I have found him to be extremely helpful and eager to please. Granted, workmanship is not at par with say, gro-tech et-al. But, for 1/2 the price and most if not all of the equipment is relegated to below cabinet use. What's the diff? Both items function as designed/expected. He always answers e-mails within 24 hours and is more than fair in his business dealings. I for one truly appreciate the fact that he is putting in the time and effort into his "hobby" plus family and a full time job.
    He is a real "stand-up dude" in my book.

    Product 8 of 10
    Vendor rating 10 of 10.

    I will continue to do all Zeo related business and whatever else he delves into.

    265 gallon SPS tank. Bubble King 300 Internal, MRC CR-6 Calc Reactor. 3 400 watt 20k Helios. 90 gallon Frag tank plumbed into main display.


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      adobo, I didn't see the crack or else i wouldn't have shipped it. If you are at all unsatisfied with the reactor I will gladly make you another one, or refund your money.

      Just so you know, the outer tube is extruded and the inner tube is cast acrylic. both are 1/8" wall thickness. I bought a large supply of the extruded because it works fine for what we are using it for. If you want cast, I can do cast.

      I'm sorry if you wanted it to be wider and shorter. I was trying to make something work for the height requirements that you gave me. Again, if you want, I can make a wider/shorter one, or I can make one like the one you have a little shorter (not much though). Just let me know.


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        Oh... I need to clarify. People are reading my post as a slam when it isn't. First let me say that if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have nagged and nagged at Madison to get this reactor out to me. I guess you could say that the minor blemish on the reactor was partially "self inflicted". I would have been very specifc as far as the choice of materials (and probably would have wound up paying more for something I didn't need). I would however, not hesitate to do business with Madison again.

        I talked with Barr aquatics and MRC to see if they coudl build the reactor for me but having thought about it, only Madison has experience building these things. I thought only he would know what would be good and bad design.

        He always answers e-mails within 24 hours and is more than fair in his business dealings. I for one truly appreciate the fact that he is putting in the time and effort into his "hobby" plus family and a full time job.
        Yup... absolutely agree. I checked with "other folks" to see what their experiences with Madison were like. It seems that the minor nits I'm picking are more "one of a kind" issues rather than the norm.


        If you are at all unsatisfied with the reactor I will gladly make you another one, or refund your money.
        No I don't want you to make me another one. The one I have ain't broke. I got what I paid for and I believe it will meet or exceed my expectations. I appreciate the offer though.

        I'm sorry if you wanted it to be wider and shorter.
        Oh.. I must have mis stated what I meant here. What I was trying to say is that I needed something wider and shorter. That's exactly what I got. I thought that this was wider and shorter than your standard model. It wasn't a criticism. It was a description of the product itself.
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          I have found dealing with Madison to be very good. I have had a few phone conversations with him and hes a great guy. I am looking foreword to meeting him at IMAC aswell for a few brewskis.. He has always gotten back to me and has worked out any problems I have had alone to way. I recommend his reactors to all the people I meet and ask about zeovit.. I also recommend the acrylic cyclinder for SWEET top down photos.

          Peace, Jeff


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            Madison has been a pleasure to deal with
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              I have been dealing with Madison for quite a while. He built me a dual reactor with a single feed since I needed something to handle a big tank. I also wanted something external.

              He built it for me and it looked like a piece of art. Only problem, they started leaking around the uniseal and around some clear PVC he used. Now, if you haven't been able to tell already, Madison is no longer using the Uniseals or the clear PVC.

              He has built me one replacement reactor using his new deisign with the cylinder iside a cylinder approach (the first design did not have this) and I have to say it is a nice piece of equipment. I am currently using the new reactor and one of the old ones reconfigured to work alone. I had to put the old one in my sump due to the leaking, but that is just temporary as Madison is supposed to be shipping out the second reactor any time now.

              Yes, it would be nice to have more updates without asking for them, but the workmanship is good and you can get an update if you ask for one.

              I would and will continue to purchase items from Madison.