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    I have a Precision Marine CR422 Ca reactor that I need some advice on. I'm routinely having to adjust the exit flow needle valve to keep my drip rate fairly constant. I suspect I'm getting some solid deposition in the valve seat as well as in the outlet tubing. Is this typical to all Ca rx's? And if so, how do you folks manage to keep the outlet flow at a constant rate?

    I'm currently using Koralith media.

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    The flow through mine is hit and miss. As you said the needle valve seems to get plugged up. I have the output tube about 6" above the sump and I just look at the flow rate everytime I look at the tank. Some are using a dosing pump that I think solves this problem.

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      Same setup here, same problem. I bought an Aquamedic SP-3000 dosing pump to use to feed the reactor, but I haven't had time to set it up yet. I'll let you know how it works out.


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        I used to have this problem all the time with my Korallin 3002 Reactor. You have to make sure all your gate valves are clean at all times and also your pump. Try not to turn off the pump as much as you can as it will loose the consistency of the drip. The buildup of bacteria in my lines and Biophos Reactor has also helped smooth out the drips. Usually it just takes a while to get used to and understand your reactor.