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  • Ca Reactor Media Rate

    After all these years I set up my first reactor about 2 months ago. It's about 5.5" OD. I know each tank will be different . At what rate does your reactor consume the media. I've used about 1" per month this this dual chamber system. Only the first chamber seems measurable.

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    Ever since i started using Coarse Koralith media, I cant tell when my media goes down. I used too with the fine.. but just cant with this. I thikn it gets circulated out when it dissolves since there is more room for circulation with coarser media.

    If you have a high CO2 bubble count, your media will definitely dissolve faster. And if you like to keep your Alk high too


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      I measured performance diagram of my DIY Ca reactor and posted measured results in the following article.

      My DIY Ca reactor basic data
      Dimensions: footprint 14x14cm (4.7"x4.7"), total height 45 cm (17.7")
      maximum capacity : 2,3 liters of coral sand
      Internal circulation: 1000 liters per hour
      maximum production : dissolving up to 0.9 kg (2 pounds) of coral sand per month

      See also article


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        Hi Bojan, as a non-DIY'er, I'm every impressed by your Ca Rx & the mathematical dervivations seem very straightward. Thnx. Bob
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