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  • DIY ZEOreactors

    i think it would be nice to post all DIY reactors here as well, which where posted in the past,

    first DIY reactor is from Crap0000, made from a seaclone skimmer

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    this one was made by wasp


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        PVC zeoreactor made by rick, rick i hope you dont mind me posting it here

        The parts list is a follows:

        A length of 3" tubing, I used about 12 inches.
        Two 3 inch couplings
        One 3 inch to 1 inch reducer (slip on inner and outer fittings)
        One 1 inch slip to 1/2 inch female pipe thread fitting
        One 1/2 inch male pipe thead to 1/2 inch hose 90 degree adaptor
        One piece of 1/2 inch pvc pipe 1 inch long
        One 1/2 inch pvc cap

        Step one:

        Take the 1/2 inch PVC pipe and place the 1/2 inch cap on top of it. Then drill 4 1/8 inch holes in the pipe just below the top of the cap at 90 degree angles to each other. Take this piece and tap it into the back side of the 1 inch to 1/2 inch reducer opposite side of the pipe thread. Screw the 90 hose fitting into the 1 to 1/2 inch reducer. The combined piece should look like this:

        Step two:

        Take the 3 inch to 1 inch reducer and cut off the wrench grips so that the 3 inch coupler will fit over it. It doesn't have to be exact because you won't need this part to hold a seal.


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          Step three:

          Take one of the 3 inch couplers and drill a hole in it at the middle seam. I used a 1 1/8 inch hole saw but you can use any size that is handy. Make sure that it's big enough for a 1/2 inch hose will fit in the hole. Line it up and mark on the 3 inch to 1 inch reducer where the bottom coupler ends like this:

          Step four:

          Remove the coupler with a hole in it. Take the other reducer and glue it on the top side up to where the line you drew in step three is. Wait for it to dry (10 minutes). Once dried glue the 12 length of 3 inch tubing into the other side of the coupler and allow to dry.

          Step five:

          Reinstall the coupler with a hole in it on the bottom (don't glue) and that's it for the base reactor. I'll post the instructions for the stir stick tomorrow. The assembled reactor looks like this:


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            made by greg65


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              this one is from pomme

              Okay i have made a zeovit reactor out of my deltec fluidised reactor.

              Here id the deltec reactor, with the lid taken off and then the two attachments taken off the lid:

              this shows the hole i drilled in the bottom of the reactor, where the water will enter:


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                i attached a small 32mm 90 degree in the reactor. like the ones you get in the deltec skimmers that swirl the water around:

                on the outside i attached another 90 and then one of the threaded connectors, where i will attach some hose for the water from the pump. i have made it upwards, because it will sit next to the sump and the piping will becoming downwards, so takes up lees room:

                at the top i have made another hole, and then attached some straight 32mm piping then a 90 degree then some more straight. I like this piping becuase the larger eheim piping fits it. I have attached quite a big straight bit to fit the bap between the reactor and the sump:
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                  here is what i have connected up to the acrylic on the inside, its a smaller bit of acrylic but a bit flimsey so will change it to stronger stuff. i needed to use smaller stuff becuase the normal sized acrylic that deltec use was too large to fit through the hole in the lid. but i have changed this bit so there is a bit of green hard piping that fits down to the bottom to the sieve and then straight up through the lid.

                  here is the plunger which isnt tehere now, as i have the green piping coming through the lid and is stronger enough without it, and means i can take the lid off without it


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                    Heinz, thnx. good zeo-buddy do you have more? Bob
                    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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                      ZEOreactor made by Madison for VegasMike, my favorite reactor btw


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                        Thanks for consolidating those reactors here, Heinz. I like the idea of having a single thread where we can post a picture of each design with a link to another thread with a more detailed description of each reactor. That way we can add to that thread without cluttering it too much and people can easily find out more and ask questions in the other thread.
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                          Sure is a great idea Heinz. Dont forget Jacopos


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                            made by Madison for Todd March, text and pictures from Todd,

                            Customizing Madison's ZEOvit Reactor...
                            First I want to make great raves over Madison's (OUinLA) ZEOvit reactor. It works great, has a tiny footprint, uses a $20 pump that is easily dialed down in flow, and it saved me big bucks over the Grotech reactor. How can you go wrong?

                            But I found for my smaller tank, and smaller amount of ZEOvit, I wanted to make some mods to make it easier to live with. I found that "cleaning" the rocks by lifting everyday was a pain because I had to lift the 1 litre of rocks so high in the reactor (Madison makes one reactor that can hold up to 2.5 liters of ZEOvit). I always ended up knocking the reactor around a bit in the sump. I also felt that it was even harder to lift and twirl only 1 litre of ZEOvit with the small 1/2"endcap Madison used on the reactor.

                            So I cut 4" off of the top of the reactor, and 2" off the center 1/2" PVC pipe that supports the rock plate at the bottom of the reactor. I utilized a PVC Tee and two endcaps to make a handle that I cemented altogether on top of the center pipe. After this mod, when I lift this handle all the way up, supporting it from underneath, it hits the top of my tank stand and therefore stops the lifting process with the top of the ZEOvit 1" from the top of the tube—perfect! So I can now do this in the morning in the dark stand with no illumination, and I can be half asleep, and it's perfect every time...!

                            Here are some pics:

                            The handle looks HUGE here because of the angle required to take the pic...

                            This is more like it...

                            Thanks Madison for the great reactor!


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                              From ufnec in Taiwan