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threaded fitting on bottom

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  • threaded fitting on bottom

    Hey Guys
    What size is the thread fiitting on the outside bottom of Madison's reactors??

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    if your talking about the internal reactors it's a 1/2". It's just a bulkhead you thread into. If you are talkign about external, it's 1/2" also but it's a slip fitting unless you specify otherwise.


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      fitting on reactor

      Hi Madison,
      I want to change the fitting that I have going to my pump under one of your in-sump reactors. I want to change to an elbow, from straight, to keep the short piece of tubing from being "kinked". I'm trying to order the right size elbow. I know the barbed end will be 1/2" to fit over the tubing going to the pump, but I forgot the threaded dimension on the other end which screws into the bottom of the reactor. You say 1/2"? I could have sworn it was a reduction fitting with the threaded end being bigger??-


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        There are no reduction fittings on those reactors. Where the pump screws in, or the output of the pump, it is a 1/2" threaded bulkhead. If you are using a maxijet or something similar it most likely uses a 1/2" ID tubing. You can get the adapter at most hardware stores. Sometimes they are in the plumbing section, sometimes they are in the sprinkler section. They come in black and gray and are very cheap. You will need a 1/2" MALE thread. Or, if you're not sure, I can send it to you.


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          threaded fitting

          Thanks very much......