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  • In tank turnover

    After reading the Zeovit guide for the 10th time, I noticed the recommended turn over is 10-20x tank volume.

    I can help feeling this is very low compared to what is commonly discussed nowadays, where 50-100 times is spoken if for acropora tanks.

    is there a reason the guide states such a low turnover

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    More flow does not cause issues if the sand is not blown away and the corals are not placed to close to the stream of the pumps.



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      Thank you. Do you feel there is any benefit to more flow? Is it a case of as much as you can achieve without coral stress and sand movement?

      do you see any negatives from too little flow


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        Some coals do enjoy more flow others less. I had a water movement of about 35 – 40 x in my systems which has worked fine for all kind of corals. The more the corals have grown out the more flow is necessary as the coals do lower the flow but 100 x sounds a little bit to much for me.



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          My tank is not too big and my biggest worry is the fish being blown around so much.

          i am currently at 75x actual in tank turnover

          if I lower it further I feel like the corals (acropora) May not receive what they need at grow thin

          Am I worrying over nothing