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what is the best sump setup for zeovit ?

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  • what is the best sump setup for zeovit ?

    i want to builld a new sump and i am going to use zeovit

    what is the best design i can do ?

    3 space is goo d?
    1- filter roller or filter souks
    2- reactor + skimmer
    3- return pump
    is it good ? or do i forget something or any other idea
    i can do it 100cm - 130cm

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    It is recommended to have the ZeoVit reactor behind the skimmer as the mulm released from the reactor is a excellent food source for the corals. If the skimmer is placed in the same camber or behind the reactor most of the stuff will be skimmed out before it is released to the corals. Otherwise there is nothing special about the sump design.



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      There are practically no special requirements in the sump of the ZeoVit system. Drop water, filter cotton / filter socks, skimmer, zeolite reactor, activated carbon, heating and cooling, reflux pump, automatic water replenishment, so it can work normally

      In addition, as explained by 1.G. Alexander 2. Operating space 3. When the power is off, is it full?
      4. In some ways, pay attention to avoid the siphon effect


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        ok great
        so i will keep the zeovit alone in the last thing with the pump part or i will try to make part only for it
        other than this every thing will keep it same