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My Red Dragon Pump Broke Down

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  • My Red Dragon Pump Broke Down

    I discovered my red dragon leaks water from the casing beneath. I suspect the o-ring but the leakage seems to be coming from below the motor compartment.

    Then due to overtighten the casing crack and leaks.

    Unable to contact Klaus. Hope he can solve the problem as i do not have any agent here in my country.
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    Stanley, there is in fact a local agent for RE. But since we never brought from him I have no idea if he interested to help on your issue or not.

    PM me if you want to give it a try as this local agent mention be4 he would like to stay low profile as he don't deal to customer direct.
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    BK 300 in action


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      new baseplate is on way to Singapure. That is a warranty supply of Royal Exclusive.
      We look for a new Singapore importer...We know two companies, which want to import our products to Singapore

      best regards.... Klaus