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  • Loud overflow!

    Hi all,

    I was hoping someone could help me silence my loud overflow. I have a 30 inch high 300 gallon tank with an internal trapazoid overflow. I have two 1.5" drains on the bottom of the overflow. One draining into my sump and the other one feeding my BK 250 external and refugium.

    I don't have the "gurgling" sound problem, just the loud waterfall splashing sound. My questions is can you use standpipes, like the Durso's, in internal overflows or are the used only for external's?

    I was considering filling the overflow with bioballs but I am worried about Nitrate problems down the road.

    Any suggestions? Many thanks.

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    Bioballs are a no-no. You can use standpipes to silence the overflows since a higher water level in the overflow will drastically reduce the splashing noise. Durso's are excellent for this purpose.


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      Maybe this design can help you-

      Only problem is that I use both drain for sump,I dont know will you be able to reduce noise in your set up(draining to BK skimmer).
      In my aquarium that design work flawlesly and completly silent with 1500 gallons on hours flow.


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        Thanks guys for the info.

        Bluereef: cool DIY design and it looks perfect for my setup. I'm going to try it! I'm going to try to use the lower drain to my sump and the higher one to my skimmer since I don't need as much flow to my skimmer.

        I'll let you know how it turns out.


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          Thanks Wayne,is really simple design ,I hope you will have luck with him.
          Lower drain took most of the water from the overflow,90-95% in my case,uper drain is there to take rest of the flow and remove the noise(there could be the problem with the proper flow for bk skimmer,anyway Klaus recomend slower flow to his skimmer so maybe it will work without problem).
          If your lower drain take to much water (all water) use a cheap valve te cut the flow .


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            My next question is that with these standpipes in the overflow, won't a lot of detrivorous waste be caugt on the bottom of the overflow?


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              I dont think so because there is the strongest suction,anyway I will check overflow tomorow to see if are there acumulations of detritus(my aquariums are in the night more right now,diferent time zone).


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                Do you have shut off's on your drains? if so close them a lil till the waters just goin into the overflow this will elliminate the noise
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