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Need help w/ plumbing thru a fire barrier

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  • Need help w/ plumbing thru a fire barrier

    I am doing a custom job for a nursing home locally and initial planning was for putting a 540g tank with a sump in a basement. I talked to the Architect today and due to code, no pvc can be used thru the floor, it has to be solid for fire code.
    So does anyone have any options for piping that can be used. I have considered doing 316 stainless, but everything from the bottom of the tank. thru 3" concrete, all the way to the sump would have to be stainless. Do you see any problems with running the drains and return thru stainless?

    If so I will have to come up with a different way to filter.

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    Brian, does code allow for PVC inside of a different solid pipe?
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      PVC is not allowed at all. I have got some call into the inspector, and will go to the site on Tues to meet with the Architect to see what we can come up with. All Hospitals and such have to be plumbed with solid piping. I guess I could snake some flex inside of the piping and they would not know the differance, but I would hate for the multi-million room addition fail inspection because of me .


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        I would think PVC inside a continuous steel pipe - ala conduit style - would satisfy the inspector.

        Also you can get CVPC containment pipe - This is used for ultra corrosive liquids. It's a pipe within a pipe.

        The inspector might allow that - the CVPC has some pretty significant ratings. And its pretty easy stuff to work with.

        Also in regards to solid piping between floors - Find out if a higher schedule of PVC qualifies...

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          This seems to be the reasoning on not using CPVC or PVC. If it burns/melts it produces a toxic gas. Being in a rest home that has non-mobile residents, then it is banned. There is ways around the fire barrier with special sleeves, but he make up of pvc is not allowing for "plumbing".

          Fire code looks at the likelihood that a heat source greater than the PVC piping will cause an offgassing of the chemical components of the Poly Vinyl Chloride pipe, causing the chloride poisoning of unsuspecting firefighters supply air.

          If SS 316 will not work, then I will most likely go with trying to fit everything under the stand, which will be a hugh pain to maintaince, and get to.


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            Brian, is there a way to put a cabinet right next to the tank, something like a "equipment cabinet" where you can put some of the equipment ? and some under the tank