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    From Marine Depot. Anyone going to give it a shot? Half price compared to Tunze

    The Wave2K was developed to give the marine hobbyist, for the first time, total water movement. The circulation created from our machine, as in the ocean, cycles between forward water motion (wave in) and the action of that wave going back out. The Wave 2K forces water out of the top of the machine while pulling a similar volume in the bottom, then it reverses that cycle and forces out of the bottom, while pulling water in the top. This reversing action produces the same chaotic movement as you would see snorkeling in the ocean. Imagine pushing out and pulling in 8.8 gallons during each up and down cycle. Now imagine this taking place every 6 seconds, or ten times a minute, or 600 times per hour! Now imagine actually having a small wave across the top surface of your tank, and the joy of watching those flowing type corals actually moving back and forth just as they do in the wild!

    Machine uses surge flow, out while taking water in every 6 seconds, the container holds about 2.3 gallons and cycles 10 times per minute- approx flow 4000 gallons an hour, while running silently and creating random currents and eddies.

    For acrylic tanks, you can simply trim the rim of the tank to accommodate the Wave2K wavemaker. Spacers and longer screws/belts are also available from the manufacturer for Euro-braced tanks.

    Flow Features:
    1 = Corner Unit: Low to medium flow in 55 gallons
    2 = Center Unit: High flow to 120, good flow to 180
    3 = 2 Corner Units: High flow to 55, medium flow to 90
    4 = 2 Center Units: Very high flow