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Looking for a good Acrylic Tank Maker

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  • Looking for a good Acrylic Tank Maker

    I have got a large tank that is needed for a customer, What acrylic builders do you recommend. Here's the specs,
    96"X36"x60" Flat Back Hex or Bowfront.

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    Brian I am going to tag along on this thread. As you know I too am in the market for a tank similar in size. 96"x40"x30"ish. If I hear of something I will drop it in here.

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      Well, I'm using AAT in Palmdale, CA for a 120x36x24...I'm pretty sure they are the shop that actually built my current 180 though putatively I bought it from Clearforlife.

      I personally do NOT like tenecor or Truvu.

      Where is this tank suppose to be delivered Brian? There's gotta be someone more local than CA if it's for the Eastern seaboard.
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        It's going into a rest home that is doing an atrium addition. The addition is just plans now with a completion date of Jan. Met with the Arcitect this week to let him know about what was needed and what weight to expect. So I would like to have everything in my hands in about 5 months.


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          Hi Brian,

          I'm going to be upgrading my tank in the next couple months. And I plan to use Precisionclarity. His name is Mike. He is a great guy and very reasonable on his acrylic tanks. I'm having him build a 96x36x30 which is a 450. He is located just outside of Atlanta Ga. I have sent a few to him and they were very pleased! I have heard great things about his Customer service and quality of his tanks. Hope this helps you.



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            The only person I would recommend is Envision Acrylics. The people who made Steve Weasts tank. He is very good and extremely helpful. I own a Tenecor and have never had any problems.


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              i am second for envision....i am working with james right now. i will let u know how everything far i am pleased...he knows execlly what i need ,some people have now clue ,what u asking)))


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                Greetings All !

                These folks have done excellent work for some of my customers ...

                Plastic Mart
                11600 W. Pico Blvd.
                Los Angeles, CA 90064
                (310) 268-1404
                fax: (310) 268-1411

                Contact: James Nahigian
                (Senior Cost Estimator / Design & Fabrication)

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                  Greetings All !

                  Darn ... I really do need to transfer my old favorites folder to the new computer ...

                  Another source that has done some good work for some of my customers ...

                  ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing) in Las Vegas ...

                  Their "Standard Tank" price list:

                  "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
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                    I can't afford ATM's smallest acrylic tank... :-) I dont think I will be getting a acrylic tank anythime soon... :-)
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                      James at envision acrylics is all the way here in the West Coast. If your client is willing to pay the money, I don't think there is a finer acrylic tank maker around. Fliger has one. You could probably get more details from him.


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                        Yet another recommendation for Envision Acrylics. Excellent communication, very helpful, delivered the goods on time and didn't nickel and dime me to death.



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                          Envision Acrylics


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                            Brain, did you pick a manufacturer yet ?
                            i never owned an acrylic tank, and i will never own one
                            but reading feedback it looks like envison acrylics does good work


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                              James at Envision is great i will be ordering my new 60x48x24 tank from him in 3/4" acrylic.

                              He said if i ordered in the next 1-2 weeks i will have it by early august.

                              although is is always early.

                              but he knows what he is doing!

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