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  • Heat Loss/Gain

    I'm going to add to my system and the addition will be outside in full sun until very late afternoon.
    I'm trying to calculate how the added volume exposed to sunlight will change the temp of the overall system.

    What will the formula be to determine the net heat gain/loss overall.

    For example, if I add a tank 24 x 12 x 16 (20g and 288 sq in surface area) and if in the daylight period I have an overall increase temperature of 40 degrees how do I calculate the change of temp that will cause on the main system which is 350g. My plan is to fully insulate the sides of the tanks so that the majority of heat loss/gain will come from only the surface. I can then use this model to calculate how much volume I can safely add to the system without having to much affect on the entire system's temp and needing additional cooling capacity. Heating really can be solved a little easier by altering the lighting schedule during the cooler months.

    Would it be as simple as 350 / 20 = 17.5
    So 40 degrees x's 17.5% = 7

    If it was 350g vs 350g I'd not have a problem with this calculation.

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    I dunno Steve, but I do know this. I filled a tomato crate (240g) to check for leaks this past weekend and the water was friggin warm after 2 days without a single piece of equipment in there.
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