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zeo reactor built right into the sump..

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  • zeo reactor built right into the sump..

    Wondering if anyone has just built a sump based on the zeovit system.. what i would like to do is incorporate the zeovit material/carbon/ and skimmer right into the sump.. what flow pattern would be best for this system.. i was thinking of having carbon first.. skimmer next and the zeolith right before the return.. anyone see any problems with that? oh and i guess the other more critical question is.. is it possible to use the zeovit method on say a 6 gallon?. id probably end up getting quality micropipette for accurate dosing..

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    Personally I have skimmer first, carbon second and zeo reactor third.

    The skimmer should always be the first in any system.

    The Zeo filter should always be last because when you pump the reactor the mulm that is released should be released into the water column, go through your display and then to the skimmer without being trapped by, for example, bags of carbon.
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      My sump is set up like, sock reactor skimmer then carbon b4 the return.


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        anyone see any issues with trying to use zeovit on a small tank? Its going to be tricky to break down the dosages as it seems most of the directions are in terms of drops per 25 gallons.. i guess i can either just use serial dilutions or ill throw down some loot for a micropipette..