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where do you hide your streams

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  • where do you hide your streams

    i was wodering how you guys hide your streams...some pics would also be helpful

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    i never hide them... just have them hanging on the top....
    and with the wavebox even worst it will be shown at the front glass...
    180g 3 side Low Iron Glass, Lighting: ATI Power Module 10 x 80W KZ Coral Light (awiting for to mix with fiji purple), Return Pump: Red Dragon 12m3, Tunze WaveMaker:1x 6200, 3 x 6100 and 1 x 6060 + Multicontroller 7095, Bubble King 300 Internal, Deltec - PF 601S, Arctica Chiller 1/2HP, I~Zeo Reactor IZ-618

    BK 300 in action


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      Ditto. Look at my website and check the video clips. You can see my streams and the wavebox.
      10x3x2 FOWLR (for now)
      RD12 return, 2 RD12 closed loop, wavebox with extension
      MRC kalkmixer


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        HIDE THEM!!??

        That's worse than hiding your corals!!!

        I make sure they are extra visible, they are pieces of art!
        400 gallon reef, Bubble King 300, I~Spin, 2 x 10,000K BLV 400W, 2 x 20,000K Radium 400W, 2 x 6,400K Osram 400W, Schuran Jetstream 1, AquaController Pro


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          2 6100's right now and will be adding my other sitting on my tank currently when I get back from vacation next week.. I would add them before I go but if there is a problem with the flow my wife would have no idea. I do not hide them either. I hope my corals and fish draw the people's attention away from the tunzes themselves.. After you have them awhile they actually blend in..

          Peace, Jeff


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            agreed with above, i have 4 6100s in my 180 and they are right out in the open. most people that have seen the tank pay more attention to the fish and coral.

            275 Gallon Envision Acrylics Tank, 70 gallon sump, BK 300 internal, Zeovit, 5 sequence darts (1 on a oceansmotions 4-way), medusa dual controller, 2 ebo jaer 250w heaters, 1/2 hp JBJ comercial chiller, 4 RO IIIs w/14k hamilitons, 4 VHOs super actinic, deltec pf500 Ca Rx, 3 reef ceramic pillar, and 1 reef ceramic mini-reef, 5 ceramic closed loop intake screen covers, with 50ish pounds of LR


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              i have 2 in tunze rocks and 2 behind the rocks on the bottom for massive flow behind for detrius
              180G SPS Mainly
              10 Bulb T5 Starfire
              Calcium Reactor
              3 Tunze 6105's
              Profilux Controller
              ATB Return w/ wavysea
              ATB M External Skimmer