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I need to do something....overflow box questions.

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  • I need to do something....overflow box questions.

    I may consider my 75 "back in the day" because I have to use a overflow box, and the problem is, the overflow box is not NEAR powerful enough for my mag9 pump. SO, I have to have a powerhead and 2 u-tubes in it at all times, or I will overflow my aquarium and have a fire. I need to do something, fast. I stayed up till 12:30 last night trying to temporarily fix this continuing problem. I did fix it, but it is definately not permanent. I drilled holes and put air line tubes in the top of the overflow U-tubes to make sucking air out easier, but they still clog quickly due to the splashing water over the teeth of the overflow box into the overflow box. SO...................................I got an idea...

    COULD I get a "Aqua Lifter Vacuum Pump AW-20" used as a feed pump for a calcium reactor OR to draw air out of CPR's CS overflows to use on these U-tubes to suck the air that accumulates in the top of them?

    It should work with this pump I think, because it sucks water OR air I guess from the example of what it does listed at is like $11.00

    Would this solve my air accumulation problem???

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    The only time I have had air trapped in overflow tubes is when there is not enough flow to push the air up, over and out the bottom. I ran a Mag 5 on a 20 gallon with 3/4" open return line and a single u-tube could handle that flow.

    I'm not saying you can't over supply the u-tubes...but any time I've had air trapped in these, adding/changing pumps to INCREASE flow solved the problem. If your water level is going to high in the tank and no bubbles in the tubes then you are giving them more than they can handle.

    HTH... but I won't be responsible for either a wet floor or a fire. Your milage may vary.

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