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Bottom Returns - Let's Discuss them.

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  • Bottom Returns - Let's Discuss them.

    I've considering putting 2 returns into the bottom of my up coming cube, the advantage I see is I can really eliminate any dead flow areas, especially if I plumb the returns to an OM.

    Disadvantage, especially with linklocs they are going to be pretty friggin hard to hide.

    Anyone else have experience with bottom returns?

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    Is this glass or acrylic?

    look at pikey over at RC about his 200 gallon glass tank in his living room one day becasue the bottom cracked around a bulkhead.

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      if they are place right and it's a well built tank then it shouldn't be a worry. Our overflows all have holes drilled in the bottom. In my cube I have 4 holes in the bottom.....1 for the overflow, 1 for the input of the CL and 2 for the output of the CL.

      Sure, it will be a PITA if those bulkheads ever wear out and I have to drain the tank to replace them but the flow I get from those areas will make up for it.


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        If they are going to be returns (and not closed loop) and they are coming through the bottom, you may think about back-siphon issues.
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          This tank is going to be acrylic and the holes will be for the CL returns.

          The intakes are going to be on the back lower wall.

          Madison, can I see pictures of you tank please?


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            I have a total of 11 holes in the bottom of my tank. I had them use thicker glass and temper it after the holes were drilled. Six of the holes are in overflows, four are in the corners and one is in the middle towards the back. The middle back one is for a 3" bulkhead for my closed loop. The two in the back corners are for my closed loop returns. The two in the front corners are unused and capped at present. I went the extra mile by siliconing all bulkheads after they were installed just as an added precaution. My tank also sits on high density foam and plywood as well.


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              My upcoming tank will have a hole slew of holes through the bottom of the tank. The majority are closed loop drains and returns so back siphoning is irrelevant. The rest go up through the overflow so again back siphoning isn't a big deal.

              5 2" bulkheads through the overflow. 2 are drains, 2 are for returns, 1 is a "dry tube".

              2 2" drains for closed loops and 4 1.5" returns.

              Course it's also and acrylic tank.....and just to be safe, the bulkheads will have gaskets on both sides....

              As for hiding. two of the returns are in the back sweeping the back of the tank. Figure noone will notice those. the drains will be hidden in rock or something. The front returns will need to get nice an corralline covered....
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                I use bottom returns in my tank. I use black PVC against a black backwall, you don't see the pipes at all.
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