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  • Question about plumbing....

    1. Do you use durso stand pipe? I wanna set up durso pipe in next tank.but
    I am not sure when the outlet of durso in overflow connects the recirculating
    skimmer (ex: Deltec) directly, there are some problems b/c I have no experience of durso and RC skimmer.

    2. when you use Ca reactor, How can you connect each of the inlet and
    outlet of Reactor? Do you use a powerhead in sump? how can you manage
    the water flow in inlet and outlet of reactor?

    3. Could you show me the pic of your sump and plumbing?

    Thanks in advance~

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    I am considering the connection between lnlet RC skimmer and return pump as feeding
    pump. but b/c of mulm from zeo reactor, I think it is not a good idea.



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      I have durso stand pipes in my overflow boxes, but can not envision a way in which you could attach them to a skimmer. They are designed to attach to the opening through your tank bottom in the overflow boxes. (By the way, they are very quiet)

      Regarding the calcium reactor. I "tubed" mine from my main circulation pump discharge tubing and "tubed" the return to a refugium overflow (and before my skimmer) so I could get some CO2 blow off before the water is pumped to my tank.

      Sorry I have no pictures to offer...


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        Thanks Pikeman. It is helpful information..

        Thanks again.


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          Where can I get durso?
          you know I am not good DIYer..