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KZ kalium test - I don’t Understand

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  • KZ kalium test - I don’t Understand


    Who uses it ?
    Because I just bought it and I don't understand, you don't really see the difference in color

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    I regret that I haven't actually used KZ's Potassium test kits, I can't say anything. I have used salifert and I think it is not bad. I've also used the RedSea brand, which requires filtering through filter paper to collect the liquid, but it's always been more of a hassle for me. If you ask me, I will get other brands to use as a basis at the same time. With the passage of time and actual experience, you can naturally get a "clear" judgment color experience.


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      To be honest, when I use the Salifert Potassium test, when the color changes gradually, people always feel that the number of drops has reached the color value? In this "interval", you can select a color to fix the standard value. This is how I do it. However, the entire test must be performed in accordance with the specified steps and time and recommendations on the instructions. I use the Salifert K+ test myself, the color change is quite obvious, you need to test frequently (KZ brand potassium) every day, I believe you will naturally have the answer.


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        Hello Jacky,

        Thank you for your answer, but I'm going to go buy another one


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          You're welcome, test every day or every other day, you will naturally have the answer in judging the color.


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            Hello Michel, it is a older thread but the pictures might be helpful:


            The test does not really change its color, it works with the degree of cloudiness.



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              Thank you G.Alexander for providing detailed information. Maybe you can provide the test results with clear pictures, and maybe everyone can help you look at the measurement results.