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I LOVE my new RO/DI unit

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  • I LOVE my new RO/DI unit new to me. I recently got a RO/DI Spectra Pure unit from CHADW here on zeovit. The water stores around my area have crappy water and so I couldn't get the water quality for my fish tank where I wanted it. CHADW wrote me and said he could sell me his RO/DI unit for a great price. He even shipped it to me and is letting me pay as soon as possible (college=tight budget). Well, tonight I tested the water. Tap=137ppm RO=5ppm and out of the DI=0ppm. Couldn't be happier.

    If you ever do business with CHADW he is a great guy. Highly recommend and transactions with him.

    -Brad Villeggiante
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    Thanks Brad, haha I wish I had more stuff to sell while these nice comments were fresh in everyones minds haha. Glad it all worked out for you and good luck on the new tank set up.
    Seriously thanks for the kind words I really do appreciate it.
    Take Care,