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Chauvet light controller: really good wavemaker for $30

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  • Chauvet light controller: really good wavemaker for $30

    I have found a really good device that is excellent to use as a multifunction wavemaker/pump timer. There is a DJ product manufacturing company called Chauvet that makes the SF4005 lighting controller . It costs $30, I have three and I have found it to be an excellent pump timer. It is made of metal construction, it has convenient mounting holes, there is an on/off switch, a 2/4 channel switch, 3 alternation modes and an adjustment knob to vary the modes.
    from the site.
    # 4 plugs (300W each)
    # Selector switch of unit for 2 channel or 4 channel
    # Speed control
    # 3 position switch features: Slow chase 1 min. to 15 min. / Fast chase 1 sec. to 1 min. / Sound -activation
    # 15-amp rated
    # Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs
    # Power: Switchable 110v / 230v
    and it has small blue leds to indicate which outlets are turned on. I've been using one of the units for over 8 months and it has blown the easily replaced fuse once but otherwise, it shows no sign of corrosion in a very humid slatwater environment. So if you're looking for a new wavemaker timer, tell RedSea to keep their $130+ plastic paperweight.
    Jake Adams
    Reef Builders

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    Just don't turn the stereo up too loud and make the water pulse with the beat.:biggthump

    Great find.

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