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RO/DI storage container ideas

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  • RO/DI storage container ideas

    Alright guys, I need your ideas.

    Since the melt down, I have kept the tank going, but my biggest problem has been keeping enough top off water on hand. I lose about 5 gal/day in evaporation. And having to hook up the RO/DI unit up everytime I need water is getting old. So I am going to get a float switch and other necessary pieces to keep my unit hooked up so that I will always have water.

    Here's the thing. I don't have a whole lot of room for a water storage container. I am thinking something about 1' wide, 2' deep and 3' high would fit the space. Anyone know of anything that would fit those dimensions?

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    Aquatic Ecosystems has some nice ones that will fit in that space:

    I use two of the 18"x30" ones with my tank and they work very well. They have an 11x11x24 or if you can fit it, a 14x14x24 (20g) and they all come with lids, which is nice.


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      sweet - thanks Mike - I didn't even think to check with aquatic eco systems


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        You can also try US Plastics. I got 2 55g drums from them.

        120 BB w/20g BB side tank, 29g sump, (2) 250w RO III, 14k AC, Bluewave VII ballast, Deltec 851, Panworld 150 return, (2) 6000 Streams w/controller, AC II Controller w/(2) DC4, GEO 618 CR.

        If at first it doesn't fit get a bigger hammer - Beat to fit paint to match