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  • Help on my hybried

    Good morning

    i am having some issues with my Pacific sun Hybrid here is some info

    x8 buld (4 ati blue +, 2 ati actini and 2 coral +) and leds run them 40%

    the lamp is 30 cm above the water

    my problem is that when i measure with par meter at top i only have 180 par )s that normal with t5?

    also, i have lots of with i wish to have a little more blue any recommendations?

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    Good Morning, and happy new year.

    You have you units?
    Is it just one that reads low ??

    I don’t think it’s it normal
    - par meter issue ?
    Can you test with another meter ??

    can you post a pic and discription ??

    When they first came out they were very powerful

    More blue- remove the actinic -add another Blue plus or add a purple plus.
    - it come down to ur taste.