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  • Kz Great barrier Turquoise T5


    In my serach for best t5 bulbs combination , i have almost looked at almost each and every suggestion on this forum but i dint see a single t5 user opt for the Kz Great Barrier Turquoise t5 bulb.

    why is it so? Are they in great demand so out of stock or fairly new to give it a try ?

    What sort of light spectrum do these bulbs throw? are they inclined towards bluish look or more towards whitish spectrum?

    any inputs would be appreciated.

    Thanks .

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    The bulbs where introduced about one year before, here you can find some information like the spectrum etc.:

    There was a facebook post from korallenzucht dated 09. December 2020 which has some additional information about the bulb:

    I have not used them so I can not tell you any first hand experiences.



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      Hello Alexander

      Thanks for the reply. Yes I did read on the Kz website about the t5 but was looking for some first hand experiences.

      I will give a try when I order my set of t5s from Kz

      Meanwhile, can you pls help me with the 8 bulb combination to replicate the kz interzoo 2014 tank look but slightly on the bluish say 5-8% bluish from that look. Or is this look already blue enough? FYI, my tank will have black back glass. So pls recommend accordingly.

      Attaching a pic for yr reference Click image for larger version

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        I have never used KZ brand lamps. I have the actual experience of using KZ lamps. My experience using KZ lamps is that the color rendering is better than others. This is just my feeling and I cannot provide definite evidence. If it is me, my taste, 4 white, 3 blue, 1 purple, maybe good.


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          Thanks jacky

          By white , i assume you mean the new generation lamps.. is that correct?

          so 4 new generation
          3 super blue
          1 fiji purple.

          I am not very much fond of that deep blue look..

          Lets see what Alexander recommends.



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            I do not know the exact setting from 2014 however Korallenzucht does prefer more white light. For a 8 bulb fixture I would go with:

            4 x New Generation
            3 x BluePlus
            1 x FijiPurple

            If you like to reduce the blue additional you can replace one of the BluePlus with a additional NewGeneration.



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              Ok got it .. will go with the recommended combination . Will buy 2 bulbs of the great barrier turquoise additionally to see what spectrum it gives.



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                If I remember correctly that was a 10 bulb fixture.
                And some asked years ago about it on another forum.
                I think it was 8 new generation and 2 blues.

                maybe try 2 blues and 6 new generations and play around with adding more blue to ur taste.



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                  Thanks Nick

                  I think i will buy some extra bulbs of each color and then see what spectrum suits better . 1st to the inhabitants and then to my eye.



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                    Hey, it’s all good.

                    best t5 bulbs combination is a tricky one
                    some want colour, some want growth and we all want it all. I think it’s a personal tweak of what “your “ happy with.

                    The combo G.Alexander mentioned it a good combo. Years ago there was a dude on reef central that was onto it with T5 and use to helps many people out.
                    - his 8 bulb suggestion was 1x GE 6500k 2 Kz purple + and 5 blues

                    one can add another 6500k , or KZ new generation was too blue for you

                    Bed has a combo and light test, which is interesting

                    Nickb b


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                      Yes , dialling in the right combo suited for inhabitants as well as to the eye is an ongoing process, but i feel once u get things more or less in a better zone better to leave it and enjoy. Actually in the race for achieving all this, we forget to enjoy the hobby.

                      More than the t5 bulbs what intrigues and surprises me at the same time is, how come there are not many takers for the Kz fixture itself in Europe!!! This assumption based on rarely found reviews/experiences.

                      In other parts like the US and Asia i can understand shipping and import taxes play a major hindrance, but that shudnt be the case in Europe atleast. All i see is ATI folllowed by Giesemann and Pac Sun.

                      there are still loyal t5 users on R2R also who keep posting their findings and ATI has a long thread there to help with bulb combination for all kinds of look/temperature. So keeping some bulbs handy to play around initially is an option.