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    I have been toying with the idea of a frag tank,
    And was think of running 150w MH de bulb and maybe a couple of T5.

    would this be too much - being a short tank 400h (glass height)

    doesn’t seem to be a lot of info metal halides and on small tanks,


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    Hello Nick, I would rate the ration watt / liter as high however if power saving is not a goal it will not be a problem and just have a positive effect to the corals. Only thing which might be necessary is to add new corals at the bottom of the tank for a couple of days to give them time to adopt to the intensive light. While MH lighting was popular I have seen reefs with a shallow water level of 30 cm with a central 1000W 10k bulb, the coloration of the corals was fantastic.



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      Hi G.Alexander,

      well is all of a muchness these days in regards to power ratings.
      been looking at these
      Click image for larger version

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        Not too sure of the dimpled refector in the Arcadia unit. Think it old stock,

        and the other is like what that have of fish street but different Chinese brand.


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          Looks like the arcadia has a bigger reflector so it would be my choice of those two. There are still companies like Giesemann offering a combination of HQI and T5 in one lamp, looking much better but the price is much higher. Personally I have peer HQI with a screw socket as they are easier to replace IMO.



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            Hi NZ-Nick,
            I had a 150W MH over a 50x50x50cm cube tank and I'd say that there was plenty of light without any supplemental lighting. The bulb I used was Giesemann Crystal, really nice bulb if you like natural white light which pops out the colourful pigments at the same time. If you are looking to grow SPS fast then MH is the way to go
            “Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”
            - Matsuo Munefusa


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              Hi ya Matsuo Munefusa,

              Cheers for info.
              Yes. just a frag grow tank for sps
              still toying with the idea and the size for tank.
              Maybe going 900mm long - little more water volume for stability might be more sensible.

              im pretty sure I gisesmann bulb here in Nz, anything else would have to be shipped in.



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                Hey Michal,
                Sorry I got ya name wrong. As above.