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Lower k MH bulbs

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  • Lower k MH bulbs

    Just asked this question on RC, but then thought I'd repeat it here where all the higher IQ types hang out
    Anyway -
    It's MH bulb changing time and I've been looking for some new 6500 k 150 watt DE halide bulbs, but there are none available locally, the suppliers have told me 6500k has pretty much gone out of production. They have 5100k, or 10,000k. I don't want 10,000k as i want the greater par of the lower k bulbs, does anyone know if 5100k is high enough for a corals requirements?

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    Hi Alastair, Iwaski has just come out with a 150W-14K bulb, reportedly having more PAR than most 250W'ers. I don't know if they also have a DE version thoughBob
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      Can you get ADA products in New Zealand? They make a 150W 8000K DE bulb.
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        Try blv 14k, they are really bright


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          Thanks for the help guys, good stuff!
          It's really just an experiment to see if there will in fact be better growth with 6,500k, I'll trial it for a few months anyway, and part of the experiment will be to see what other lighting is needed to counterbalance the yellow.
          I'll also check into those Iwasaki & ADA bulbs, sounds interesting, and Cetled I've sent you an email.