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Do You Run A Lens/Quartz Pane With Your MH Lamps?

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  • Do You Run A Lens/Quartz Pane With Your MH Lamps?

    Hi All,

    Have a general question. Was reading in one of the newer issues of Coral Magazine about a guy exposing his fish to harmful UV Radiation after running one of his MH bulbs uncovered above his tank. From what I gathered, he was running 150 w double ended bulbs that had a lens below the bulb, so that the light would have to shine through the lens on the reflector housing. He broke one and ran it without it and lost alot of his fish.

    I ask this because we are currently running 3x400 watt MH (mogal/single ended) in LAIII reflectors with no lenses on our 220 gallon. Do MH need a lens to protect the corals and fish? Is it only for HQI bulbs? Have not had any issues with this setup of the past ones that were very similar just do not want any issues if I have an incorrect setup and want to fix it.

    What are your opinions/suggestions?


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    The outside glass on the single-ended bulbs actually filters the UV out, performing the same functions as the glass shield on DE pendants. As long as you stich with SE, you should be fine.


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      Hi Mike,

      Alright I figured it had to do with that but wanted to be on the safe side and avoid a future possible issue.

      Thanks for the super quick response!


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        The risk occurs when the MH bulb is cracked or damaged:


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          In the case of DE bulbs, they must be shielded. In the case of SE, they do not need to be shielded and will not harm corals unless cracked, defective, damaged or improper acclimation has occurred.