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t-5's and icecap ballast

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  • t-5's and icecap ballast

    just change my old ballast to icecap-660. i have 4x54w blue plus.
    wow,,what a differents...much,much brighter. now i am thinking maybe i should add one actinic )


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    I'm scared now. I just ordered a 4x24W T5 Icecap Retro with a 660 from reefgeek. I think the bulbs might last 3 weeks. Actually I will rewire a AquaMedic pendant with 4x54W with this 660 in a couple months. Thanks for the good review!


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      I just figured i would chime in to let you know a few facts if you dont already know. You will be looking at a SERIOUS increase in power consumption as you will be driving the bulbs to nearly 80w instead of 54w. Also you will have a major increase in light output so you should probably be careful as to not shock your corals. Also you will likely have to replace your bulbs sooner. Probably in less than 1 year for sure. Many are changing them at 6 months.

      With that noted, i may put a 660 on my main daylight bulbs at some point. Im currently normally driving 6x54w over my 75g. Im not sure if I will need it or not. That is an aweful lot of light :P

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