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Acclamation tips.(new light)

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  • Acclamation tips.(new light)

    I just got a Phoenix 14k 150w de.Im curently running a coralife 150w de 20k.
    The light is about 7" off the surface,& the photoperiod is 10 1/2 hours.I know that the phoenix has much more PAR than the coralife,i dont want to burn my corals.The light is on a 10g sps nano.TIA.Dave.

    Do you think im safe to raise the light,& lower the photoperiod.

    1 more thing i am running the bulb on a HQI ballast.

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    Hi Dave, yes, the PAR is different but if the previous bulb was >6mos, the PAR difference would truly be a concern enough to raise the lights a 1/2" to 1" while lowering the photoperiod by a hour. Remember too, if you've started ZEOvit, the water transmission will marked increase from increased water clarity & lowering nutrients, Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Thanks ,Bob.Im only gonna use the Zeovit on the 75g tank that im setting up.The nano is already established,i was gonna break it down,& put the corals in the new tank,but i decided to keep it running,it looks so good,& mature only after 8mo.The bulb is about 3mo old.


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        At less than 3 mos old, your probably safe, but if it were me, I would raise the fixture anyway by a couple inches. Then lower gradually over the next few weeks.

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