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    Well since my long awaited Aqua Medic pendant looks like it either went up in flames, or didn't get shipped (getting the run around) - I need to rethink my lighting. My goal is to find a 2x250W + 4x54W pendant. The Sunlight NG seemed perfect, the Aquaperfekt was just too expensive.

    Well now I think I'm going with a 8x54W T5 pendant, which is probably enough since the tank is not deep - but because of Edward :greedy: I was thinking of a couple spotlights.

    To my knowledge only Icecap has them. Does anyone here know where I could get one? My set-up is completely open top braceless and the T5 will cover the middle. I thought a couple spot lights could be mounted to the wall behind the tank, strategically pointed at my light loving SPS.

    Does anyone know who imports them? Or if the Icecaps are any good? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you do get them, i would aim the lamps from the front of the tank, making the coral produce all those beautiful pigments that we all want...
    Just a thought
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      fliger, are the spotlights to enhance growth, or just color?


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        It would be for growth. Are the spotlights used typically for color? Does anyone have any experience with the Icecap ones?


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          I know Aqua Medic products are on a HUGE back order because of there warehouse fire they had I have a customer waiting on a oceanrunner pump from them for his turboflotor
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