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I can not decide the number of Actinic in my new tank.

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  • I can not decide the number of Actinic in my new tank.

    I need your help...

    I decided the MH combination in my new 100gallon shallow tank.
    I divided 2 section. the left side is 20K radium(250) at the front+6500K
    Iwasaki(150)at the back. all is SE bulb... and the right side is 14K AC(250)
    at the center....I will be use two canopies...

    and I am thinking of actinic supplement and have icecap 660 ballast and
    the number of maximum bulb I can install is 4...

    the length of canopy is I should use 24inch bulb (VHO or T5)

    1. Best number of actinic bulb...(2 or 3 or 4(max))
    2. the best combination?(VHO only, T5 only VHO+T5)?
    What is your opinion? :pat:

    Thanks in advance..

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    Maybe some pics can help a bit.

    MH only using 14k Ushio DE

    MH and T5 blue plus

    MH and VHO URI Actinics

    MH and T5 and VHO

    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks Russ...

      but Still difficult.. all are very good..How about Corals' view?

      which is the best bulb and number of it?


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        3weeks ago Bob recommanded the VHO+T5 combination and I think It is OK for human's eyes and corals health & coloration both...but I do not sure 2T5+2VHO is
        good...I wanna use 2~3 about 1T5+2VHO like Edward,invincible's tank....