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Best T5 choice for colours on SPS

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  • Best T5 choice for colours on SPS

    I am not pleased with the colour of my SPS. I have 4 Aquablu+ (Deltec) 80w and 5 Arctinic+ (Deltec) 80w over my Aqualux 576l. I am for example not pleased with the purple Acropora and the green Hydnopora. Perhaps must I change the Arctinic + and use T5,s with purple/Uv A light spectrum. Do anyone have some thoughts? The water in the tank is perfect, no phosphate and nitrate! I use Grotech ABC and Korallenzuchts products such as iron concentrate, Kalium-Jodid-Fluor, Coral vitalizer etc.


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    Have someone tried these T5,s?

    ATI Actinic blue
    Giesmann Megachrome Pure Actinic


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      hi Magnus,
      ATI Aquablue Special the new once are on the market now, and german reefer like em, i haven't seen em, but first reviews are good, also ATI bulbs are available again, also ATI powermoduls are shipped out and customers like em, it looks like ATI is back in buis,


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        Yes. I’ve seen the new Aquablue Special and the powermoduls on AquaPro 2000:s webshop. But is the ATI ”Aquablue Special” and ATI ”Blue plus” the best choice for colouring SPS? It’s the best choice for growth but do they have enough light in the purple/Uva spectrum? I’m testing the Osram 67 T5 80W right now and I think some colour under this bulb is better then under the ATI bulbs. Have anyone tested any other bulb?