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  • Giesemann Eco 230

    Trying to light my 150 (5x2x2) with a pendant, the decision wasn't easy. My short list ended up being the Photon, the Aqua Sunlight NG, Maristar and the 230 Eco.

    - The Photon was too expensive, and I was a little worried about getting parts. I also heard from a couple people that the mogul reflector wasn't the best. So I figured I'd do DE, but at $1,900 it was just a little too much for me.

    - The Maristar didn't pass the wife test, she thought it looked ugly. Obviously its a very practical fixture but I just wish they'd make it look a little more presentable.

    - The Sunlight NG was probably my first choice. Its awesome, with 4 T5's and kick butt reflectors. Supply was the issue, I heard anything from 4 weeks to 2+ months. The internal ballast was a negative as well, even Aqua Medic told me things will burn out quickly. I have a friend who could have removed them, but the timing issue was too much to overcome.

    - The Eco was probably at the bottom of my list. Then I saw it. I ran a couple Novas years ago and always loved the look. Maybe only equipment junkies on can understand that, lol. One thing I really liked is that the reflecters are further to the outside of the pendant. That helped since my tank is actually 5' long. The reflectors get knocked sometimes - but last night I did some testing and I have to say that its an incredibly even spread. The T5's (Actinic+, similar to ATI Blue+) look awesome.

    The ballasts are also really nicely boxed and the quick disconnect is not a prong, it looks more like a computer connection. The ballasts make a hum at start up, but are silent after that. Apparently there are some digital safety features built into the unit but my ADD didn't allow me to comprehend that part.

    I upgraded to the Megachrome 14.5k which are surprisingly white. Hardly any blue at all.

    The pendant is 4' but I will also be running 5' T5's to cover the entire tank.

    Soooo .... really nice fixture, would highly recommend.

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    Hi David, can you post a few pix's of this beauty? Thnx. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      price? pictures? features?


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        It is up, I will get pix next weekend. It is extremely nice and the spread is covering my entire tank extremely well. Believe it or not, almost as well as the Lumenarc Minis. The 14.5 Megachrome is not blue AT ALL. It is very bright and very white. Which is OK since I'm running 4 the T5's, all D&D Actinic+.

        Madison, I think its about $1,100 but I got a little bit taken off because it was barely damaged in shipping. I just had to align a rail, took me a few minutes and its up already. There are no scratches or anything like that.

        Features are just 2x250W, 2x54W T5, some sort of electronic safety features for when bulbs burn out, nice hanging system. The nicest feature is probably just that Giesemanns are the nicest looking features available - painted like a brand new BMW. Also the cords are really flexible, thick ones on some other brands can be a REAL PITA.

        Just a really nice unit, and not really much more than a Maristar. A little less than the Sunlight NG but it only has 2xT5. A lot less than the Photon.

        Pix of everything next week. Next week I'm connecting the Aquatronica, lighting, Schuran JS1, CL, return pump, FR509, drop-in chiller and carbon reactors. Cabinets getting refaced after that's all hooked up!


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          Pics? A bit overdue

          Setup: 250G System, ATI Powermodul 10x80w T5s, 4x6100 Tunze Streams & 7095 MultiController, Deltec PF1000 CR, Deltec AP902 Skimmer, IKS, Zeovit, Artica 1Hp Chiller


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            sorry - i promise to do so next week. life is just a little hectic at the moment. the lights are great so far.