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Lighting for a Wide Tank

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  • Lighting for a Wide Tank

    Okay lemme stop you right there, I dont have room for Lumenarcs .

    400 gallon reef tank. 84"L 36"w 30"h.

    I have scrapped the idea of multiple pendants in favor of a hanging hood type fixture [Maristar Aquastarlight etc]. Its a room divider tank and implementing the canopy is an impossibility where it is in the room.

    Right now I'm considering two Maristar 3x250 t5 72" fixtures to accomodate the width.

    Also looked at the Aquatinics fixtures primarily because they have a 72" 3x400 option, which may have enough ummph by itself if I elevate it a bit. SE though.

    Talked to Gary a bit on getting a custom made light from overseas as well, I'm just get a little leary of something I cant get parts for right away if it fails.

    Your opinions and suggestions are welcome
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    IMHO, with a 30" deep tank 400 watters are mandatory if you plan to keep mainly SPS. Gives you the flexibility to place corals anywhere in the tank. If I were in your situation, I would probably go with the 2 Maristar fixtures and slightly stagger them to cover the ends of the tank. 250's would work also but your light loving SPS would need to be kept in the upper 2/3's to 1/2.
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      same exact tank spec's as im interested in but a little shorter 84x36x26 i been giving lighting alot of though but with the lumanarc III's you get that 3by3 lighting which makes it perfect what's the problem with no space?