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fixing a ballast - NEED HELP!!!

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  • fixing a ballast - NEED HELP!!!

    I've got an AquaMedic Ocean Light set up that I have barely used. I went to plug it in this weekend to test it and the thing won't fire the bulb. I have switched pentdants and bulbs so I know it's the ballast with the problem. Does anyone know what I should be checking in the ballast to determine what the problem is? I think it is out of the warranty period (and I never filled out the warranty info anyways...) and I'd rather fix the ballast myself if I can.

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    Matt, if its magnetic its prob the cap.. The cap is the round cylindrical plastic thing in there.. Thats about all I can do to offer any help as I have not used or had any hands on experience with this particular fixture... You should be able to buy another cap or have them send u one under warranty...