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lighting decision 250W or 400W

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  • lighting decision 250W or 400W

    Currently running 3x250W LA3 mini BLV10kk. Spread is excellent and this covers my tank very well and have about 20% lights escaping out from the sides of the tank. LA3 is hang 12" off the water surface.
    Now 3 LA3 are place side-by-side and that illuminates my 4ft long tank.
    All 3x250W runs off magnetic ballast which overdrives the MH and total wattage about 900W

    I'm considering going with 2x400W LA3 mini 14kk. I'll remove one of the LA3 and move the 2 LA3 6" closer.

    |=6"=| LA3 |=6"=| LA3 |=6"=|

    Each luminarc mini is 14.5"

    Planning to go with ice-cap 400W eballast and perhaps AC 14kk SE bulbs. No T5 supplements.

    Will this be a better idea as I suppose the PAR from the new lighting should be higher than the old lighting with lower power consumption.

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    I am hoping that your idea is a good idea as I am currently in the process of doing the same thing, almost. I am replacing eight 250 watt ROIII pendants with four LA III 400 watt reflectors above my 96"x36"x32" tank for the same reason. I think I can get more PAR out of 20000k 400 watt bulbs using the LA III reflectors than I did with the 250's. The spread of the LA III is what allows me to do this. Given that you have a 4' tank, I think the two 400 watters is a better alternative than 3 250's.

    In my case, I will be reducing my electrical requirement by 1000 watts given that I currently have VHO as well.


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      Might go with the new BLV14kk 400W SE as I confirm they can fit into my luminarc. As for ballast wise difficult decisions.

      Coralvue, ice-cap or regular magnetic? Pro and con?

      The e-ballast are very $$$ so really have to do my maths properly.


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        Look at at the EVC e-ballast, very resonable and I think they are really the same ballast as others. According to Sanjays testing, they test out almost identical to the Icecap and Reef Fanatic.


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          that sounds like a steal for the price they are selling. However the place I stay uses 230V and EVC don't seems to have a 230V version. Looks like I need to look in other place,