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height off water for new LAIII reflectors.

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  • o2manyfish

    They intensity of light is going to be alot more. If you can start at 18 to 20" and then lower them over time till you get the spread you want that will cover the 36" width.

    I am real curious as to what the height is that covers the 36" width. So if you experiment let me know what height you find, before raising them higher as a starting point.

    Dave B

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  • VegasMike
    started a topic height off water for new LAIII reflectors.

    height off water for new LAIII reflectors.

    OK, just ordered four new Lumenarc III reflectors, ballasts and bulbs. I orderd the EVC 400 watt e-ballasts from Ocean Encounter, the LA III's from PGS and Helios 20000k bulbs from Reefermadness. The four reflectors are going over a tank with a 96"x36" footprint and 32" depth. How far above the water surface should the bottom of the reflector be to get the 36" spread?

    They are replacing eight 250watt ROIII DeE pendants and eight 75 watt VHOs.