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XM 400 Watt, 10,000K

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  • XM 400 Watt, 10,000K

    hi there all

    be4 i go order my blub for my new tank just wanted to get some info or experinces with this blub

    i saw a post of the light that came from the blub it was quite white but i also heared XM is unstable (not sure wat he meant)

    zeovit for life ?
    Brendan Hsieh Lung Chua

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    these are the choices i have atm ...
    after reading a bit i still cant decide which one so please anyone recommend something i know 10k will be the best for growth but i am a blue lover lol but i seen a few ppl using 20k and saying they have quite good grow

    i am about to hook up the 15k XM on my holding tank in the garage i have yet to see it fired up but i still looking for a blub for my display tank
    any advise would be great

    Radium 14k 400w
    Radium 20k 400w
    XM 400 Watt, 10,000K
    XM 400 Watt, 15,000K
    XM 400 Watt, 20,000K
    zeovit for life ?
    Brendan Hsieh Lung Chua


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      400w radium on a HQI ballast . Change out time is like 6mo. though. I hear alot of people like the xm-20k as well. Not sure which ballast they are using though.
      Take Care,


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        Well ive used xm before and for me the experience was rather bad a bit unstable i used the 20k 250 watt and after only 4 months i had to change that bulb it went completly white(it was supposed to be blue)and lost all of its intensity i was using it with a electronic ballast the brand of the ballast was ARO from and for the 10k xm ive heard that they are somewhat unstable and they go completly yellow for no reason if it was me i would stay away from xm bulbs but thats just my opinion everyone has a diferent experience im now using BLV 10k 250 watt with an icecap electronic ballast and simply love it crisp white color i just added a couple of actinics for a bluer look.



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          In the 400 watt SE bulbs, I have used both the XM 10k and the 15K. 10k was too yellow for my taste, even with 360 watts of VHO actinics and the 15k wasn't nearly bright enough. Currently I am running the Hamilton 14k's and really like the color and intensity. I am waiting for the Aquaconnects in the 400 watt SE configuration to be available in the states. According to Sanjay's site, the radium 20k actually has a higher par (147)than the 14k hammy (140) with the PFO HQI ballast. I might have to try one of these too.
          265 gallon SPS tank. Bubble King 300 Internal, MRC CR-6 Calc Reactor. 3 400 watt 20k Helios. 90 gallon Frag tank plumbed into main display.


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            i LOVE my 10k XM bulbs I will never use anything else
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              For 400 watters my favorite bulb is the Radium 20K on an HQI ballast. Everything about that combo rocks (except the lifespan of the bulb)


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                nyfireman3097 wats the life span on your blubs ?

                i am sort of heading to a Radium 20K but waiting to see if my friend get some blv blubs in aus
                zeovit for life ?
                Brendan Hsieh Lung Chua