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400 W enough ?

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  • 400 W enough ?

    hey all

    just starting up my new 4ft tank been in nanos for awhile decide to do this zeovit style too :P

    anyway my sister got me on a tight budget so i was thinking would a 400w be enough 4'x2'x2' ? it mostly likely be a sps tank

    i think the only problem would be the spread ? but can this be solved but hanging it at the right height ?
    zeovit for life ?
    Brendan Hsieh Lung Chua

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    Hi Nani,

    You probably would be better off with 2 x 250 watt metal halides to give a more even spread. Then again, if your on a tight budget, a 1 x 400 watt halide with your light loving SPS on a coral bommie right underneath the light and your less light loving corals off to the sides would look fantastic too.


    Brendan Zeovit NZ/Aussie


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      yes.. a 2 x 250W will be a better choice...

      and also depend on your plan.. cause a 1 x 400 spread will not be able to cover the whole tank but just 1 area... so many you can have that area with coral of light demanding like sps..

      and the side cover with low demanding coral like LPS, if not just leave it bare until u got more budget to add another light or make have the side empty to allow more room for the fish to swim around...
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        well i think i go with the 400w cause i wont overstock my tank straight away :P

        i will get maybe 2x250 or 2x150 later in the year to cover the sides

        thanks for all the replies
        zeovit for life ?
        Brendan Hsieh Lung Chua