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waht to use to move lighting out of my way?

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  • waht to use to move lighting out of my way?

    Getting ready to do a lot more work tommorow downstairs in the basement. I want to be able to move the Luminarcs out of my way when I work on the tank from behind. I have seen people that mount their lights on metal racks or on metal tracks of some kind.

    My question is what are people using and where can I get my hands on it?

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    I have personally seen guys who used the heavyduty railing that is normally used for hanging heavy curtains. Guess you can get it from your friendly Homedecor shop?

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      you need the white metal grading that is sold at your local home depot/lowes I believe it is use for organizing


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        Mike, like said abov eyou can find it at Lowes or Home Depot....

        Most used Barn door hangers i think....

        PM Travis either here or over at RC and he will tell you how to do it.....

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